Getting More Readers

Originally, I was going to name this post Getting More Traffic because that's what most web sites are concerned about, but honestly, what I really want is more readers. I enjoy writing and if I want to make it more than just another hobby, then I need to figure out how to build an audience.

I've looked for guidance from the internet. The only real problem with searching for answers about a problem like this is that your search leads you to people who basically make their living from people who want to blog for a living. It's pretty irritating. I think I have a few ideas and I'm going to roll with them.

So here's what I'm going to do:

  1. I will comment on other blogs. I'm always complaining about not getting many comments, but it's not like I'm commenting on other people's blogs. I'm going to be the kind of reader on blogs that I like that I would want to have on my own blog.
  2. I am going to find a network of local bloggers. If there isn't one already, then I'm going to make one. I want to find other bloggers and be able to sit down, drink coffee, and share ideas and tips.
  3. I'm going to become proficient with my chosen blogging platform. I know a lot, but maybe I just think I know? What if I don't really know?
I'm sure I will add more ideas later.


  1. I often wonder the same thing with my blogs, I know I'm inconsistent with my posting schedule, and that is probably the key thing I need to change, but driving traffic, and eventually even making some money on the side would be nice.


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